Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Again N Again: Couples Edition!

Sansui TV Awards

Men's Health Anniversary Bash

Meet Manasi and Rohit Roy: A couple that repeats together, stays together!

Preeti & Parveen Dabas Reception

Men's Health Anniversary Bash

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Anonymous said...

Payal and Priya and regular commentators!
I have been reading and enjoying your blog for more than a year now.
Good work!
I enjoy your humorous, critical and informative take on costumes and dressing up.
But recently I regret to inform you that I have noticed a shift from humorous/critical to bitch and brag.
This is a personal opinion/suggestion but wouldnt it be nice if the negative attidude is kept away and continue with your original intent.


sherry said...

i dont think i have a problem with manasi's repeat offense as much as i do with rohit's all white ensemble. (whats with the "all white" look goin' around anyways?!) in fact, i feel he should have switched attires.....worn the suit to the reception and the vest-purple shirt (!!!) combo to the health anniversary bash.

Anonymous said...

mansi hasnt even changed the way she has put on her dupatta...or shoes....

Anonymous said...

rohit hasnt changed his shoes either....but i doubt anything ekse would go..

Priyanka D said...

An all white ensemble on a guy is just doesn't work for me. And Rohit looks terrible in that.

Never Mind!! said...

eww...and a shining purple shirt!! wat was he thinking?