Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Preity floors us with her impeccable style again.

What a great way to elevate a simple white and denim outfit to the next level by toting some delicious arm candy! No, not Ness Wadia, we mean the Hermes Birkin in Red! (Shweta Bachchan has one in red too!)

I love the fact that Ms. Zinta seems to prefer 'color' for her Birkins, remember the beautiful Green one?



anon23 said...

okay, so that is a birkin afterall :)
thanks for clarifying guys!

Pri said...

is that a jacket or a shirt and where can i get it?

Sophia said...

Hey guys, i amiled u at the displayed HH email id although didn't get a reply, i would really appreciate it if u would answer my query here,I wanted to know what sunglasses is preity usually wearing,you knw the ones she wears to nearly all events what are they called pls. help!.
xxx Sophia

Payal said...

don't know the shades but when we find out will let you know fa sure!

that is a jacket...Considering spring is here you should easily find something similar. Gap has some..Bluefly too

Priyanka D said...

Yay, for Preity! She sure knows how to take casual and make it casual chic. Love the jacket and the birkin obviously.

Anonymous said...

Forget the brands, you Indians are obsessed with it, Priety just oozes style, and no amount of brand buying will give you that confidence and carishma that she has now. She has gone from being a great actress and young girl to a full blown Wadia - wife to be in the making.

Sophia xx said...

Thankyou so much Payal,i've been wanting to know since a long time,thankyou!you do knw which shades i'm talking about though right?the massive ones infactshe wears two pairs all the time..anyhow pls.help me on her shdes it would really be appreciated...can i just ask where will u post it?so i knw where to look

Rhea said...

Guys i'm wondering now after looking at this has she had her hair cut or were they extensions???

Anonymous said...

Love the colored birkins especially her green. Not one but two - soo unfair. How do these ladies by-pass the waitlist?