Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LFW: Sabyasachi

"Sanctuary" by Sabyasachi, was whipped up in a mere month, but would you believe it looking at the clothes! The silhouttes are inspired by the 50's and 70's and made from plastic, linen, snake and crocodile leather, chiffon and more. While, last year, he had his models in a "damsel in distress" look, this year he opted for wide rimmed glasses.



*iCeD* said...
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*iCeD* said...

started reading ur blog a couple of days ago and i have to say im addicted :P
the first dress reminds me of the churidar rani wore on VOI and another occasion.

Anonymous said...

This collection looks like it was really whipped up in a month. It is just plain fugly.

where is the Sabyasachi of yore who actually made provocative but beautiful clothes? Aliens what have you done with him!


sherry said...

even though there is no day-to-day appeal, some very interesting use of color, texture and creativity.