Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Look who repeated her look head to toe within a span of few weeks... dress, shoes, jewelry, Chanel brooch, Chanel bag, et all??!!!

Watson Fitness Launch, Mar 13th

Neeta Lulla Fashion Show, Mar 30th

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Anonymous said...

Do explain... who is this?

Wearing something twice isnt too bad if it fits well.

The dress is too tight on the hips AND too short. It really should either be short OR form fitting (not this tight over the hips).

So tight and so short comes off looking a bit, err... woman of the evening shall we say.

The accessories, shoes, bag, brooch are too matchy matchy but will pass in a pinch. Lose the necklace. I like the brooch and the bracelet a lot as individual pieces. The make up is pretty good. I am glad she stayed away from red lips with this dress.

The top of the dress fits well. The hips part is doing nothing for her.


Anonymous said...

hehehehe.. there she goes again.. we be seeing more of that bag.. she does not let "them" go that easily

Anonymous said...

Speaking of repeat offenders you havent noticed Deepia Padukone wearing the same outfit to Arjun Khanna's show, Neeta or Manish's (not sure which one)after party and the manish malhotra show

Payal said...

anonymous #3,
All those events happened on the same night, which is why Deepika is in the same outfit.

Priyanka D said...

I know that she used to work in movies but she doesn't anymore, does she? So what is she doing working the circuit so much? Am genuinely puzzled. One could see her all over your site.

the mad momma said...

sorry to repeat what others have asked - but what is her claim to fame? does she still do films? i'm lost.