Monday, February 25, 2008

Same, Same, But Different

When on a red carpet, it can't be fun to see someone else wearing something really similar to what you are wearing. And so, we caught Aarti Chabbria and Narmada(Govinda's daughter) wearing such a similar color scheme, that to the passing eye( that would be my eye), it totally looked like they were wearing the same outfit.

Too bad for Aarti, even though her gown was more mature, her messy hair just totally ruined the look. Would have loved to see her in a nice updo. Then, she might have had something on Narmada, who looked fresh and casual in her dress.

Aarti Chabbria

Narmada Ahuja

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Anonymous said...

both look ugly... dresses i mean

Bollywood said...

I liked Aarti's hair better. No uptight updos please; soft and sexy is better.