Thursday, February 28, 2008

That Bag Spotting Thing!

Ekta Raheja has one of these in white and now spotted Sophie Chaudhary at the Araaish event with the Chanel! Also seen was Juhi Chawla with her Lady Dior!! (Oh, and if you are curious, the unidentified lady in the centre with Juhi Chawla is carrying the Fendi Baulotto Bag!!)

Sophie Chaudhary With Chanel

Juhi Chawla With Dior

We did do quite a bit of Bag Spotting and all the usual suspects were there! Manyata and Bhagyashree were carrying the same ol' Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags (respectively), so blah!

Bhagyashree With Gucci

Manyata With Louis Vuitton

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Rashmi said...

Manyata looks great with her weight loss but those bangles!! c'mon gimme a break!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls,
What do u think these ladies who change these oh so expensive bags like dresses for every occassion are actually buying them or using a stylist who keeps these or may be use a site like a "bags borrow or steal"..??
would love to see a discussion on this.


Nadia said...

Is it just me or does Bhagyashree look like she just stepped out of a Maine Pyar Kiya shoot! She has not aged at all!

Puja said...

That Dior bag is totally amazing. On Juhi it just looks out of place, or is it the other way around ;)?

Anonymous said...

Also wondering (along with anon above) how these pg03-ites change bags so often..yes, they're loaded I know...but is it just possible that they may be making frequent trips to bangkok/hong-kong and getting some fake ones...after all, who can tell they're fakes...especially when they're wearing it.

the mad momma said...

ohmigod. bhagyashree's still around?doing what?!!

funny her husband had a problem with her exposing on screen or acting with other men and here she is in a little corset

Anonymous said...

puhleese, what is wrong with these girls, Manyata and Juhi look like behangis, who notices the bags when they dress like THAT?

Anonymous said...

I think there is a typo - Bhagyashree is carrying the LV and Maanyata has the Gucci.
Btw love love your blog!!!

Payal said...

manyata is carrying the lV damier.. maybe the print threw you off..

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