Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Rates Higher On The Scale?

Marion Cotillard wore a beautiful Jean Paul Gautier couture gown at the Oscars and I saw that same fish-scale-esque sequin work on Tabu's sari as well at the Filmfare awards... Whose scales ranked higher? I know who I like, and you?

Marion Cotillard


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love and squalor said...

i think the pattern on tabu's saree doesn't look all that scaly in comparison. and the way cotillard's dress sits on her gives her a very mermaidy appearance. though not spectacular, tabu's saree seems better to me.

shrekahnth said...

jpg.....bad boys always rock....loved his interpret this season

Anonymous said...

Marion Cotillard defintiely.

Anonymous said...

Bad pic of Tabu, so not fair on her. but both are lovely.