Monday, February 25, 2008

Blinged By Ashok Sancheti

At the Oscars, Shaun Robinson decided to match the deep hues of her emerald gown with some emerald jewellery from Ashok Sancheti.

The exact value of her jewelery you wonder? $180,000 in all! (platinum, diamond and green tourmaline earrings at $50,000, platinum, diamond and emerald ring at $85,000 and the platinum, diamond and ruby bracelet at $45,000, all by Ashok Sancheti)

Based out of New York, Ashok Sancheti is from a Jaipur family that created the finest emerald jewelery for Indian royalty for many generations! The jewelery now is made in New York itself but maintains the highest craftsmanship and quality! Pretty, pretty stuff!

Shaun Robinson At Oscars

Jewelery By Ashok Sancheti

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Anonymous said...

They also create the jewellery for all the Royals of the middle east. Emrald and Diamond work, intricate patterns, and absolutely fabulous pieces. Good work, they are related to Jaipurs Gem Palace people and are doing a fabulous job.