Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Quick Change

Heidi changed from her red Dior Gown to a Cavalli dress for Elton's post Oscar bash only because she was donating the dress for auction on behalf of the Red Dress Campaign for Heart Truth. What was Mrs. Khan's excuse?

Rocking the night away in a micro-mini beats being in a sari, maybe? ;)

Natasha and Fardeen @ Filmfare Awards

Natasha and Fardeen @ Bling Bash

Heidi @ Oscar Red Carpet

Heidi @ Elton John Post Oscar Bash

And in case, you want the dress for yourself, you can bid on it by searching for Heidi here.

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Anonymous said...

Heidi looks absolutely stunning in Dior. Can't forget her comment (not her exact words), "I have snacks up in my huge bun"

Also wonder why exactly she gets invited to the Oscars every year!

Anonymous said...

mrs khan's boobs look a little displaced and asymmetrical - silicone displacement??????