Thursday, February 28, 2008

How To: Wear Bright Colors

Kashmira @ All India Achievers

Udita @ Filmfare Awards

Nothing better than a dash of color on the red carpet. It is a welcome change, specially when the eyes are tired of seeing the same ole LBDs. Somehow though, what seemed like a good idea on paper just doesn't seem right in reality, as seen in the case of Kashmira and Udita.

The idea, though, was executed perfectly, by Cate and Sarah, who also wore bright colors and pulled it off without looking ridiculous! Their secret? Stay away from satin, when wearing such a color!

Cate Blanchett

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Anonymous said...

they all look bad... both indian and foreginers.. lol

Soniya said...

I thought Udita looked pretty good actually.

Anonymous said...

I think smg looks good. Udita and Kashmira look horrible. Maybe its the light?

Pri said...

im so over jewel toned fabric.