Thursday, March 20, 2008

How To Kill A Look?

"Race" Premiere

Sameera really has a knack of wearing a a pretty good outfit but then teaming it with just the most horrible footwear. She did it again at the premiere of "Race" wearing a really blingy sandal. Nothing wrong with jewelled footwear, but I despise the rectangular look that this pair has! Looks so chunky!

"One Two Three" Music Launch

"Race" Music Launch

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amna said...

MY EYES !! MY EYES!!! with the ugly shoe parade especially at the premiere wht the hell is she thinking!!!

Indian Girl said...

Apart from the shoes...whats with her hair in the cocktail dress pic. Is it just me or does it actually look like a rat bit it off? Personally, I like Sameera a lot...but not this time!

Anonymous said...

Such a sexy girl, such bad taste, and trying SOOO hard. SAD

Anonymous said...

Her boobs look so lopsided in the red dress!