Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Odd Couple Strikes Again!

I can't say anything about Aamir's hair, his new hair do is for his role in Ghajini, but I don't quite get his clothes though. Why bother wearing a vest, a tie, formal pants and formal shoes, if you gonna end up rollin your sleeves.

And, we know how much Kiran loves to mix up colors, but a metallic grey dress with gold churidaars!

Quirky, very quirky!



rashmi said...

oh no what a disaster!! i was so happy to see Aamir's new look until i looked at the rest of the attire and i just got shocked!!

mr. and mrs. khan need to hire a stylist and it's an emergency!!

Neeku said...

I am not suprised...!


Anonymous said...

quirky can be good....this type of quirky bad.

Nepali said...

Did Aamir stumble across this blog? I read somewhere that he often uses net and connects with his fans via net.
I am not his fan, and I don't want to sound like a crazy woman, but why not wish well. Aamir, your attire reminds me of guys who go to gay bars except that yours is in silk and their in leather.
Please don't fold a formal short sleeve shirt, and with a tie is even worse, but just a casual short sleeve shirt folded is alright sometimes.
When you are wearing a formal vest, wear a long sleeve shirt or a blazer.
Your pants are a little long, take off about 3cm.
Shoes could be updated.
As for Kiran, the outfit needs to be toned down. Don't wear gold, silver, metallic, all bling bling at one go.

Priyanka said...

@ Rashmi

Just to keep spammers out we don't allow any links to be posted in the comments space so by default it gets deleted! Sowiiee!! :)

Indian Girl said...

Are those rolled up sleeves on Aamir? I thought they were some kinda buffed sleeves....u know the lady doing the buffed dress , he doing the sleeve [:p]
Hate his shoes...yukk..
Also I totally agree with y'all on Sameera's shoes....Horrendous

richa said...

we should all donate some money for aamir so he could hire a stylist...for kiran i have 1 word pathetic...but as she is a south indian it is often notice people from south india doesnt have a good dressing sense it can be beautifully noticed on her. I dont know what is aamir thinking ?

Anonymous said...

Well, how about we be adults and not pull "South Indians" into this. In case you havent noticed,
1. Many other badly dressed people we are ridiculing on this site are Northies.
2. Your english is bad - Oh wait, isnt that typical of "few" Northies. But then again I am not assuming you are a northie and am apologizing for the generalization. I just had to vent out.

Anonymous said...

"south indian it is often notice people from south india doesnt have a good dressing sense it can be beautifully"- Wow that is genaralisation at its best. Safe to say that North Indians like you cannot write good english or should I say HINGLISH.

On Amir's wife attire, less is more.

Nepali said...

South Indians = Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, and so on.
By the way I saw Sridevi in Chennai Airport wearing Denim outfit when her first daughter was around one, an ahkka was carrying her. She was looking beautiful in a slim figure.
I finally got to brag here, you know never seen a celeb before.

Anonymous said...

Richa darling, safe to say you suffer from "foot in mouth disease"

Please look at this blog in earlier editions for Pria Kataria Puri's idea of "good dress sense" and a lot of other "North Indians"...for the concept of less is more!!