Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bag Spotting!

Spotted Dimple Kapadia and Laila Khan Rajpal at the Art Expo India Exhibition with their respective Prada and Gucci bags.

Dimple seems to have quite a thing for exotics, fox fur trimmed bags, YSL Mombasa, and now a bag that looks like a wet puppy on her arm.

Buy The Prada Fringed Tote Via Neiman Marcus
Buy The Gucci Indy Via Gucci



amna said...

luv the gucci indy i have one in choc guccisima but for some reason the sari n the prada fringe r NOT a good combo i think with a sari u shldnt go bigger than say.. a chanel medium flap.

sherry said...

like the gucci better. the prada looks like "Cousin It" from the "Adams Family".

Nepali said...

Not fond of Gucci indy bags, prefer Prada fringed tote.

Anonymous said...

I usually would never propogate a fringed bag like the prada, but I KNOW it can look amazing if teamed with the right outfit.

Here the best compliment that I can give is- it manages to carry Dimples stuff.

Anonymous said...

Didnty you girls post a previous blog where Dimple is wearing a similar saree in a different in every colour!!

Blogger said...

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