Monday, March 17, 2008

WLIFW: Anant By Shobhna & Vijay Arora

Shobhna & Vijay Arora's collection "Anant" was targeted for the "yummy" moms and "cool" dads. The menswear consisted of denim joshpurs and batik tops. The womens collection centred more on evening wear, with saris and fitted suits made from chiffon and net.



Anonymous said...

i dunno abt the menswear but the women's wear is very general..

poor kids..must b scarred for life by those tshirts

Anonymous said...

whats with Ashish Soni looking like a fat potato and that T shirt on his son!!! Gimmicky and stupid

Nepali said...

The womenswear have a classic appeal, but sometimes classics can be boring, especially when the colour palette is muted and dull. In menswear, the denim trousers are interesting.

Neeku said...