Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buying Wholesale!

For a woman, who just walked the ramp for Gauri and Nainika at Day 1 of WLIFW, Bipasha surely disappointed us, by wearing an exact same design that she wore a few months earlier. Surely, she could have borrowed something from the designer sisters!

Bipasha @ Watson Fitness Launch

Bipasha @ Rocky S Club Wear Launch



Rashmi said...

while her man is class A when it comes to fashion, bips need to take it up a notch as sometimes she has hits and sometimes misses. perhaps it's time for a stylist change :)

the mad momma said...

its also time to lose the dimples around the knees. that said, i think she is HOT.

sherry said...

the dress may be more appealing in person, but in the pictures it looks a little trashy. guess its o.k for a night of clubbing. john looks proper as always. always love what she does with her hair though!

Anonymous said...

i love bipasha i think she has the best bollywood body but that dress is awful! and to repeat it is worse. lady i think you need to sack the stylist and hire a new one!

pearl said...

Bipasha is like pamela anderson of indian version, she could look more appealing if she could copies lil bit of pamela dressing sense. I am hating her rihanna style..it shows she is so wanna be hollywood.

Anonymous said...

She needs to lose weight. She looks a little fat in both pictures. And she does dress a little on the trashy side.

And cellulite on a model is GROSS; although it did make me feel 10 times better about myself. Hehe