Saturday, March 22, 2008


Such a shame that neither of the two ladies could do justice to this really feminine Dolce & Gabbana dress. Gauri was way too tanned and Natasha wore such an awful choker that was just unnecesary.

Gauri @ Bling

Natasha @ Ulysse Nardin Launch

If you think you can pull this outfit off, it can be yours through Bergdorf Goodman. That is if you have $5995 to spare!

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Nepali said...

The silver foil looking jewelled dress is too loud to have any shiny/sparkly accessories. Be patient, one at a time.
Gauri's skin looks like a roasted chicken, meaning burnt and botoxed. She has close buddies like Karan, who is fashion conscious, including hair & make up, and there's Preity, who dresses well most of the time. Don't they say/do anything to her? Is friendship really on the surface in film/fashion industry or is she too strong headed to listen to anyone or are they afraid to hurt her feelings/sentiments?
If anyone knows Shahrukh Khan's residential address, please let me know. I will seriously send A4 size pictures of her. It's usually the outsiders who give honest opinions.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful dress....sniff.

sherry said...

beautiful dress.....if gauri khan realized the value of 6000$ she would seriously change her makeup artist because she kills that wonderful dress with her fake tan and "librarian" hairstyle. i dont quite dig her sandals with that dress either. what she DID do right was minimize her accessories so that the dress gets the attention.
natasha just screams "look at me".

Rashmi said...

right on the money nepali!! Gauri seriously needs to think about her fashion faux pas and hire a good stylist...and should stop using botox before she turns out be a madame toussad's wax figure!! sorry guys but have to be brutally honest.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I seem to be in the minority here, But I think the dress is pretty hideous by itself! Shiny Sati that looks like it was a bedsheet (what's with the bad wrinkles in the version the model is wearing?) , a waistline that creates a paunch, even if there isn't one...Sorry, I think this is one instance where the designer is taking folks for a $6000 ride!

That said, there is no excuse for Gauri wearing this dress and wearing it so badly..but do you think she actually bought this dress? Wouldn't it have been loaned to her for the event? (Does D&G have a presence in India?)

- M

Rolie said...

Gauri needs a breast lift...she's been wearing strapless dresses and they drag the dress down
either plastic surgery or a bra will fix the problem
my money is on plastic surgery =/
...but im fake like that :)

Priyanka D said...

Doesn't Gauri look at the pics from her previous appearances? How can she still go around with that horrendous fake tan? Can no make-up artist try to save our eyes?

Anonymous said...

u guys are right. SRK is always immaculately turned out...and gauri always fake, weird and botoxed. Even the photoshoot she did for Vogue could not save her...I think she has no style sense at all and she is too strong-headed (or touchy) to let anybody else tell her that. Feel sorry for her, for SRK and for us, who have to watch her like this!