Saturday, March 22, 2008

Like Print Much?

Someone has been really digging embellished prints huh?

At A Play

At Fritolay Promotion

At Bhoothnath Press Meet

At Launch Of Kolkatta Knight Riders

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Anonymous said...

am I only one who feels juhi chawla has been in need of a complete makeover ever since she got married and became a mother? her hair is awful and her clothes are awful and her figure is awful.

Anonymous said...

Same old. Booooorrrriiiiinnngggggg

Nadia said...

She is naturally beautiful. I agree she needs a stylist though.

Pri said...

awwww she'll always be my favourite actress.

Anonymous said...

she is just happy go lucky. she is just fine the way she is.

Anonymous said...

Juhi is so beautiful in real life and is so happy and vivacious in person, but has a real bad dress sense, and could not care. But guess what she is happy and rich, and has been successful and will continue to be successful.