Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Wore It Better?

Caught Poonam Dhillon and Rekha at Star Screen Awards resplendent in their kanjeevarams. Who wore their silk better you think?

Left: Poonam Dhillon
Right: Rekha



Rashmi said...

Rekha of course!! she's the queen of saarees meaning i don't think there's anyone who looks better in saarees.

I looked at other pics of this event and i found it a bit strange that rekha's hands look too white and i think it's because of too much foundation on the arms.

What do you think Priyanka?

Anonymous said...

Rekha for sure!

Anonymous said...

rekha of course no doubt....but both are old-fashioned kanjeevarams and the new generation will not be caught dead in them!!! poonam - my granny times saree....rekha- around 10 years back...the big and contrast border was in vogue then....kanjeevarams have come a long way!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like poonam picked this one up frm her dowry tht came with her old is the contrasting thing...rekha luks stunning...but a few points to poonam too

Anonymous said...

I do not think Poonam is wearing a kancheepuram saree and Rekha's saree is very much the latest. She must be getting them weaved just for her!!..what say??