Friday, January 11, 2008


Spotted Tarina Patel (of Dus Kahaniyan's 'Sex On The Beach' fame) at the My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Premiere carrying the Marc Jacobs Quilted Classic Stam Bag! While I don't particularly care for either her dress or her boots, she gets props for atleast carrying a bag that is not same ol', same ol' Gucci or Louis Vuitton!

The Stam and has long been a favorite of A-listers, and Marc Jacobs being the celebrity darling and design wonder-kid ensures that the Stam stays around in one form or another, the latest version (The Kid Quilted Patent Bag) being seen on Hilary Duff as recent as a few days ago!

To buy The Marc Jacobs Quilted Classic Stam go here and for The Kid Quilted Patent Bag go here!

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GoldShoes* said...

I hear that Pria K. Puri has had dinner with Maddona last night, and she was so thrilled abt it she sent out msgs to her friends AND BUYERS sharing this piece of news with them, stating that Madonna "adores my creations and invited me n Sumit (Pria's husband)for dinner"!