Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh So Blue

Watch out people, a smurf has been spotted. Either that, or a member of the Blue Man group is missing and in hiding!

They make it so easy for us sometimes. Yes, tights are in. And team a black dress with tights and neat peep-toe pumps and you can't go wrong. Except, if the tights are blue. Oh so blue!

Soniya Mehra at the premiere of My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves was probably going for a trendy avant-garde look but instead delivered this 'grade A' miss as far as misses go!! And thats without me even delving into the grey cardigan, those bangles, that bag and that matching navy goth nail-color!

Really, they make it so easy for us sometimes.



shub said...

ack!!!! what on earth was she thinking? or drinking?!

Anonymous said...

yuck!! who is she?

Anonymous said...

I agree that she should not have worn gold bangles with the outfit but..

a) Electric blue tights is the current big trend

b) The grey cardigan......have you never been out somewhere like a club and not wanted to take a coat so simply picked up a thin jacket/cardigan?

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree that the gold bangles and ugly nailpolish is a definite no-no, but the electric blue tights with the satin black tunic is actually really trendy and a good spin on a current trend. the pumps are nice too