Friday, January 11, 2008

Purple Bol?

Purple sure seemed the theme of the night at the premiere of Halla Bol. We saw not one but three peeps who wore purple.

Purple sure seems a much better color for Vidya than black!



Anonymous said...

hope vidya sticks to indian outfits (read sarees and suits) or mebbe even indowestern at most, but not those inky-slinky cocktail gowns which is more up Zinta-line!!

Anonymous said...

wow balan luks gorgeous...i jus wish the woman hadnt experimented with her hair...but the colour luks awesome

amrita said...

vidya is keepin is very chic....very girly..minimal jewellry...excellent...n wow the sari must hav taken a long time to finish..tiny 'kat dana' work on it luks stunning

Anonymous said...

it is not cut daana it is sequins.