Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Look Vs. Another Look


Bipasha Basu and Preity Zinta were both at the Gucci launch party and while both went with long black gowns, the former chose to accent hers with gold and the latter with silver! And now, you have to decide who looked better!

Which Look, Looked Better?
Preity's Iced Silver
Bipasha's Dusted Gold free polls


And in case you are wondering whats the clutch that Preity is carrying, it is but of course a Gucci, more specifically, a Gucci 'Mirror' evening bag! And you can have it too!

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And Bipasha's clutch has been making quite an appearance among the celebrities! It too is a Gucci clutch.


And you can find it here...

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suri said...

Preeti I guess. She looks so thin in that dress.

Pri said...

If only she'd get those bangs of hers styled better!