Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Repeat Fashion Offender

Is that a Halen groupie? An out of work dancer from Coco-Cabana? A stow away on Starship Enterprise? No, its Jia Khan.

Those mini, mini dresses, major, major ugly dresses, those boots and those stockings. I won't insult your intelligence, you go ahead and put it all together. Hopefully, you will come up with a fashion equivalent of rehab-breakout! Shudders.

Left: As A Brand Ambassador For Campus Awards 2007
Right: At The Launch Of Elite 2008 Calendar

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Arch at Rang said...

Priyanka & Payal-
Awesome blog you have here:-)

You ladies definitely know your style;-)

Hooked linking you on Rang-The Colours of life:-))