Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"I Love Rock N' Roll"????

When Esha isn't playing the blinged ice princess (not a good thing by the way), she seems inclined to play the wannabe bad girl/rocker chic biker girl (the way she does it, not a good thing either!)!!

Why do they try so hard?

Left: At 'Phir Wahi Sham Betiyon Ke Nam' Hosted By FICCI
Right: At Club Bling Launch Party

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Anonymous said...

I think she looks great. Great body, fitted jeans on a great body, and the bomber jacket with high heel boots, look nice. what she is wearing it for is another thing....Just a day out, or to go pubbing or night clubbing it will probably work.

Nepali said...

In the left pic, the hair is a major disaster and the scoop neck t-shirt just doesn't help.
I think she wants to declare the world that she is a touch chick. It's all about "look at me i am so n so..i have this and that", which relates back to their personality and thinkings.

Pri said...

yeah that hairstyle just makes her 2 foot forehead seem even longer. what does she want to look like an easter egg?

Nepali said...

Easter egg? Too early to get an easter syndrome but cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Nepali, you mean Tough chick?????

Nepali said...

Yes yes. I was lazy to correct as it's easy to figure out what I meant. Thanks though :D