Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sir Branson Dangles In Arjun Khanna

Who dangles from a wire and pours champagne all over his designer sherwani that costs about Rs.70000 and upwards! That would be Sir Richard Branson, who did all the above while wearing a sherwani and churidar designed by Arjun Khanna at the launch of Virgin Mobile in Mumbai.

I make sure that wine glasses are far far away when wearing anything uber expensive! But then, I ain't no billionaire! sniff sniff. :(



Anonymous said...

Haha... All I can think of right now is, what fun! Lol

moonstruck maniac said...

Oh, how I wish... :D

Anonymous said...

Probably a gift from the designer, who got more phukkat ka publicity than he needs to pay for it...right!!