Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not An LV, Thankfully!

So, the post about Natasha, made me go back to archives, and I couldn't believe how could I have missed Shamita's Dior "Chain Mail" clutch. I am just thankful it wasn't an LV! You know, being that Shilpa is such an LV addict!

Dior Chain Mail Clutch

And, while we were digging into archives, look who else we found carrying Kahkashan's favorite clutch!


Edit: Oops.. Thanks Anonymous #2! I did have her name as Shilpa! ;)


Nepali said...

Not very fond of dior bags, except for few of them and this clutch is nice, although wouldn't make a conscious effort to buy it if I had all the $$.
The Jimmy Choo clutch Vs the dresses; obviously the clutch is far better. They carry a shiny-statement making-look at me clutch, then one wears an attention seeking, shiny sequin dress which is looking for it's own place (the quarter length legging is another story). The other, shows off with a hideous busy print dress.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the dresses are hideous. Laila Lamba's(left) outfit just seems so mismatched .. the black sequins, the diamond jewellery, the transparent tights and golden bangles and the clutch! what was she thinking

Anonymous said...

Also, isnt that Shamita and not Shilpa?? I'm not too sure..but this might explain why she isnt carrying an LV ! :)

Payal said...

anonymous #2,
It is Shamita. Looks like you missed our post on her sister Shilpa who is quite addicted to LV...