Thursday, March 6, 2008

Again And Again!

Unlike that other instance, this time Rani Mukherjee waited years before she repeated her outfit! With the outfit in question though, I wish she waited a lifetime...

But its infinitely better (the waiting period, not the outfit itself) than Karishma Kapoor who couldn't even wait a week to repeat hers!

At IIFA Awards, 2006

At Ambani Bash, 2008

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Nepali said...

Celebs earn so much, yet they don't feel hesitant in repeating the outfits, while a general public like me have to think and wait to repeat if it's a dress I have worn in a party/funtion/ceremony. If they love the outfit which is worn at big events, they can always keep for their children or donate at a charity event.

Anonymous said...

You can also see a bit of innerwear peep out of rani's dress on the right...why can't they be more careful about these things!

Anonymous said...

u bet thats wot i was about to type.. rani mukherjee and her peeping black innerwear.. and looks horrendous