Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Real Family Ties..

..are such that you even get to share the same clothes! Since we saw this on Laila Khan first, we will assume it was Natasha(Laila's sis-in-law) who borrowed! ;)

Laila @ Bling Launch Jan 2008

Laila & Natasha @ Bling Filmfare bash Feb 2008

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love and squalor said...

I was about to say,"what's with the crazy accessories on Laila". then I realized that that gold thing on her shoulder ,in fact, a bag.

sabrina said...


this is not the first time that natasha has worn this outfit. it looks like its been repeated over and over again. i think i have a picture somewhere of another time it was worn. ill send it to the gmail address.

also, is it just me or is this outfit really blah? i don't see the big deal about it.

Anonymous said...

haha this is a good find. although it could be that the two went shopping together and fell in love with the same outfit.

zee said...

I always wonder why Natasha always have this super-surprised look. Botox ?

benicharmz said...

mmm..i think that's actually her step mom-in-law!!! isn't that feroz khans wife??!

Payal said...

if that was the case, it might explain natasha's bewildered look(how come mom-in-law looks younger than me!).. but that is not the case..
here is fardeens mom..