Thursday, February 14, 2008

Battle Of The Star Wives!

Yes, Aishwarya is a star in her own right, but since she wants to be low-key, we are going to categorize her as a star wife! ;)

Having said that, which star wife stole the show at the Jodhaa Akbar premiere. Suzanne or Aishwarya.

Personally, I prefered Suzanne's white ensemble over Aishwarya's pink!


Suzanne, Hrithik and Pinky Roshan



Rashmi said...

Payal, I like both the women but I'd go with Aishwarya's ensemble. I think Ash should take a break from the colors pink, beige, gold, parrot green and red. I don't know WHY on earth she sticks with the SAME color!! I like the saaree here but would've preferred to be anything but pink or the above mentioned colors. She wore the same pink colored (i mean the same shade of pink) lehenga in london at the IIFA awards.

She would've looked awesome in a deep yellow (the color of Fergie's outfit at the Grammy's) or Purple, or Coffee brown, Mehendi green or royal blue ohhh!! she would've looked even more gorgeous!

I didn't like Hrithik's shirt...or perhaps it doesn't go quite well with his wife's saaree not that it has to match but something looks odd. i love him though...can't wait to see him in jodhaa..

btw, don't you love these filmicafe people? they're the best for putting out pictures the before any other website. It's fun.


Rashmi said...

I looked at all the pictures of this premiere...Aishwarya looks you guys see what i saw? i mean it appears as though she is showing...i read somewhere that she's opted out of Robot. hmmmm....daal mein kuch kala?? If Ash IS pregnant then all my best wishes...she's my favorite indian actress.

Rashmi said...

Another outfit I really liked...i mean the design of the blouse, saaree, colors etc. Ashutosh Gowarikar's wife's ensemble.

simran said...

Guys, to get the record str8, Ash is not pregnant! she can't be due to contractual obligaitons she has with the companies she is a brand ambassador for!
IF and if at all she is! its her life ! please let her be!
Are either of these sarees Manish Malhotra? I like Ash is bettee just cause it I prefer pink over white! But I think Suzanne looks better :) Hritik is HOTTTTTTTTt

Rashmi said...

Just because you're married to a household whose entire members wear numerous finger rings (no offense)does not mean Aishwarya has to follow suit...pretty soon she'll be wearing at least four rings on each hand.

the more i look at her saaree, the more if feels like the lehenga she wore at IIFA awards, was cut and converted into this saaree.

here's the picture from IIFA awards

Anonymous said...

haha rashmi..agree with you.

Suzanne looks better and same for her saree.

Anonymous said...

Both look good, Ash has come a long way from that fashion faux paux that she made at Cannes. Behanji clothes and hairstyle with Kohlapuri chappal and big huge diamond jewellery. After being thrammed by the whole media - she actually said in a video conference call with Musharaff, that she wished people looked at her work rather than her outfit- some one tell her she is in the public eye, and its part and parcel of what the game. They both look good in these pics but not - stop the press kind of way- just safe forgettable pretty dressing. BAHU styles.