Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Again And Again.

Guess, you can't go wrong with black. Maybe, that's why Kajol wears this sari to events that are special. It is definitely a far cry from the outfit she wore to the Gitanjali Luxury Style Fest! That outfit makes this sari look so much better!

U Me Aur Hum Music Launch

Koffee With Karan

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i♥make-up said...

Woman your blog is AWESOME!!! O couldn't stop reading it, I was hooked on like crazy!!! I've added you to my favorite links as well!!!
Come and visit me as well!!

Shrey said...

One thing that i dont understand is how in the world do u manage to remember who wore which outfit at which function, and as soon as somebody repeats it, u track it down and give them the repeaters tag..
Brilliant job and great skills!!
Take a bow !

Payal said...

Thanks! Gonna be visiting yours too now!

Thanks! Remembering that they wore is easy. It is finding evidence of it that gets harder!

simran-rao said...

man! she is wearing the same thing!! and this KWK is about 2 years older!! WHOA....awesome catch guys!! :)
I hope U, Me aur Hum is a good movie!
Getting off topic have you seen the Hand Stand Ajay is doing? Wonder if its real or computerzied!

Anonymous said...

its not the same saree I have a problem with its the fact that she has not changed her look in two years. Also that saree shows her not so tones stomach (too much rasgulla Kajol).