Monday, February 11, 2008

And The Bride Wore..

..umm..we actually don't care what the bride wore, cuz at this wedding bash, it seemed like the guests were trying their very best to dress a little subdued. Sophie Chaudhry showed up in a black Manish Malhotra. Mana Shetty wore a black chikan embroidered kurta outfit. The bride, Manyata wore a red sari that was just so jhataak, that she made everyone else around her look real good!

Note to Sanju Baba. Please buy the now official "missus" some quality clothes, or better yet, hire her a stylist! After all, she has major competition in Twinkle, Mana, and the queen of star wives, Gauri!

Manyata and Mana Shetty

Sophie Chaudhry

Mana and Sunil Shetty

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Anonymous said...

manyata don't look that bad...i take her over gauri khan's fake tanned//oily makeup and poshy pout any day

Rashmi said...

I looked at the wedding pictures and found her to be quite beautiful though I didn't like her wedding dress. You are right, she needs to choose a good stylist or style herself upto par.

btw, I would like to know where I can buy the beautiful ear rings that sunil shetty's wife wore in the dutt wedding...any idea Payal or Priya? below is the link.

thank you!

Payal said...

No idea about the earrings. But, you can look at for some of their collections. They have really nice pieces, but they are a little on the expensive too.

-Payal & Priyanka

simmi said...

luks like manyata walked out off of an indian daily soap set...the sari is very tacky...but she is quite pretty

Anonymous said...

wats up with the length of anarkalis these seems to be gettin longer n longer...before ms kaif n now sophie