Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hair-Raising FaceOff!

Don't know what offends me more. Mandira Bedi's atrocious (dare I say, almost skanky?) hair color, or Divya Khosla's matchy-theme-cutsey-ugly diamanté hearts hairband (and, that ghastly belt!!)??

Left: Mandira Bedi At The Launch Of Mumbai Chaka Chak
Right: Divya Khosla At Sanjay Gupta's Valentines Day Party



Rashmi said...

Priyanka, how about both? i can only utter one word...ghastly!!


Anonymous said...

oh its the khosla woman. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

ahhh. divya khosla kumar.. such a pretty face.. what a shame.. i keep seeing her in hideous outfits.. one after an other.. surely.. money can't buy you style

Anonymous said...

one more thing.. divya.. lose the pink lips.. alwayz see her with pink lipstick

Anonymous said...

Both....Mandira is even wearing Indian accessories, bindi and kajal for a day time event. Divya whatever her name is sadly Bollywood overdressed....something like the Karisma Kapoor of old