Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LIFW: Sabyasachi

There is a good reason why Sabyasachi is called the Hermes of India by those in the fashion-know and this collection is just another affirmation of what we already believe: he has the makings of a great couturier, and well under way!

The colors were so rich, grounded, yet so luxe and vibrant! The color palette exploded with every hue and tone but never overwhelmed. The textures were stunning, there was velvet, brocade, chiffon, chenille, khadi and even cotton! Lovely!

I loved that he mentioned at the Press Conn, the fact that its time designers worked on consolidating and paying attention to the market in India because it is the Indian consumers that made designers like him and Tarun Tahiliani into super brands!

This collection was inspired by the India-Pakistan partition and by movies like Sardari Begum, 1947 Earth and, the colors by Mircha Masala. He had quwalis for soundtrack, calling it ethnic trance. You got to love that! The collection went back to the roots of Indian ethnic couture.

I can't think of a single minus on this collection. This is the kind of piece a woman owns and passes on as an heirloom! It was masterfully crafted and skillfully executed and takes a man of certain skill and genius to do what he does every single time with Indian couture!

P.S: Rani was spotted at the show wearing an ensemble designed by Sabyasachi!





suri said...

His work is wonderful. Where can one buy it, if you don't live in India that is.

love and squalor said...

(I din like the last one though. is that rani?)

Pri said...

@ Suri

I can do some research on the best places to buy his clothes abroad

@ L and S
Yes thats Rani, she was attending the show and was dressed in an outfit designed by him!

rallychamp69 said...

can u help me as to where i can buy the pics of this collection n all of sabyasachi on internet or any book.
i dont mind any downloading charges.
would u please mail me on sulomid@hotmail.com