Monday, April 21, 2008


Urmila wore that denim dress at IIFA Bling for Biba event and soon after, at the press conference for a new reality show, 'Sangeet Ka Naya Gharana'...all within a few days!!

Tell us, without the celebrity wardrobes, or the flashbulbs going off everywhere, would you repeat the same outfit at two formal events within a span of days?

Apr 9th, 2008

Apr 21st, 2008

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Pitu said...

I wouldn't and I am not even a celeb. Having said that, she does look lovely. And I dig her shoes!

Anonymous said...

depends on who is going to see me...if i am sure that no one (and absolutely no one) from the previous crowd will see me, then I may repeat an outfit....otherwise, its a big "no-no".
as for urmila...her shoes seem a little weird to if they are trying to decide what color they want to be...

Nepali said...

Shoes look fun!

Anonymous said...


Get over it people! So she wore it twice...big woop.