Wednesday, April 23, 2008


You guys asked about Sonia's dress and we found it! :)

Sonia Garware was wearing a Milly Margot Lace dress at a recent event. I don't normally like anything too lace'y but I quite like this Victorian vibe'd lace dress... Its ultra feminine and with right accessories can be quite glam and contemporary!

Buy MILLY Margot Lace Dress Via Net-A-Porter


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Anonymous said...

Oh, that was faster than I expected. Thankyou. I adore that dress, now I have to save up for it, will be great for spring. and net-a-porter ships everywhere so temptation, good lord! Thankyou.

Am curious though, how would you accessorize for spring. can you give me a couple of options please.

Thanks again.
FAB blog. Love it.