Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Her Closet: Nisha Jhaveri

We spotted Nisha Javeri wearing a Just Cavalli Dahlia Floral Gown to Hello Magazine's first anniversary party.

Compared to Shilpa's printed gown, how does this one fare?

Nisha Jhaveri @ Hello Magazine Party

Just Cavalli Dahlia Floral Gown

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Priyanka D said...

Waaayyyyy better than the plasticised Shilpa. Nisha looks really good and special points for her hairdo.
Having said that,I have serious doubts with the clutch choice, though.

sunshine87 said...

shilpas printed gown? which one? :)

i dont like the clutch either!!

sunshine87 said...

never mind! found it :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this but when bollywood girls wear brands, it always looks tacky.

Anonymous said...

agree, Nisha is soooo beautiful in real life.
and this outfit looks fab on her

Shilpa, just lacks that something...cant put my finger on it....but its missing

Anonymous said...

Not looking good...i like the dress though...