Sunday, January 20, 2008

Say "Na" To Shaina!

Shaina NC might be great at tying a sari but as a designer she surely dissapoints big time!

Just take a look at Sonali wearing one of the sari's from Shaina's new collection. As it is there is the overwhelming effect of the fake pearls on the sari but the overdose of the blingy ruby necklace just makes this whole ensemble so ugly!

Shobha De's collection seems to be even more appealing after taking a look at this!



Ria said...

The jewlery is overdone for sure and it seems that she is wearing a chocker and a necklace. I am not even sure if the dangling earrings go well with this saree.

I have always hated these faux pearl couture, they look so tacky.

Anonymous said...

btw, what is different about the new sari style? like i see the end seems to be tucked inside or something...

and sonali kulkarni...i think her kismet is bad...she never manages to pull anything off! even with the help of designers...they end up having no sense of style when it comes to her too!