Friday, January 25, 2008

Katrina In JPG...

..and the JPG would be short for Jean Paul Gaultier and not the name of an image format! ;)

Gaultier still seems mesmerized by Bollywood and Ms. Kaif. We found out that Katrina's outfit on the Vogue cover is quite old though! Spring 2007 Couture old! In fashion terms that is more than five collections ago (counting Resort, Ready To Wear and Couture)!

Vogue can't pass old material as new to us! As Amy Wino would say "No No No!"

Vogue India Feb 2008

Jean Paul Gaulter, Spring 2007 Couture

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Anonymous said...

Atleast she looks good on the cover...although vogue india has so far had pretty good covers

yusra said...

nonetheless the dress n kaif both luk hot..

vogue has an int'l status to i agree tht thy need sumthin totally fresh for their cover..

love and squalor said...

umm, I dunno. I prolly need to see some more skin and stop thinking crochet sucks.