Monday, January 21, 2008

Spotlight: Pardon My Hindi

I've never had an issue with Tantra's tees, except for the fact that am a little tired of them now, and with every one wearing them a little too often its easy to see why! Also, sometimes I think the 'desi-ness' is a bit forced!

But then I found this great store called Pardon My Hindi and they have the funnest prints. So very retro and pure kitsch. And, a great change from Tantra. (Seriously, look at that picture on the left, that 'chicklet' in hindi is pure joy!!)

But who am I kidding, whenever I pass by an aisle with Tantra tees, I still find myself checking them out! Am a sucker for 'quirky'!! (And they make for great gym tees)

For more on Pardon My Hindi, go here! Really, its fun.


ESPÍRITU said...

The light that I leave you is of the color of my life...)
you have yahoo to BABEL FISH to understand the words.

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Anonymous said...

Hey PMH has some pretty great stuff, the designer Chiraag Baktha is quite the talent too & I totally feel you on Tantra being great gymwear or just general lazy/comfy day attire

Anonymous said...

I didnt really find anything very interesting in the Pardon my Hindi tees

Ragini said...

The choice was limited but what was there was funky and interesting!

Anonymous said...

i luv the buttons on PMH..