Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ms. Azmi, Not Again!

Ms. Azmi, we really like you. Really do. Except, you make it so darned hard for us when you choose to dress like this. Not once, but twice.

Left: At The 4th Dubai International Film Festival
Right: At The Party For German Watch Alange

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Anonymous said...

Why would you wear that...WHY?

love and squalor said...

somehow the first word that comes to mind is chammak challo. and that's jus weird being used to describe shabana azmi of all people.

also, am I the only one that thinks that she needs to do somethin about her eyebrows so she doesn't look constantly surprised? or did you guys put that idea into my head?

Priyanka said...

@ Anon,
Beats us too!

@ Love and squalor
We certainly didn't, but, Botox comes to mind... ;)