Thursday, January 24, 2008

One In Every Color?

Off late, our actors have been committing a major fashion faux-pas. Wearing the same design again and again in different colors!

After John, Priyanka, Mahima and Mads, we now see Vidya too wearing the same sari style but in a different color!

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce Event

Halla Bol Premiere

How long before the concept of stylist comes to Bollywood? We are waiting!

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diksha Ohri said...

hey....thx a ton for ur comment..hmm...well......just went thru ur blog...and i must say its the most colrful blog i hv ever me.....hmm...still reading getting 2 knw about fashion...hehe...keep writing :)

love and squalor said...

well, considering vidya balan looks the same no matter what she wears, maybe she's saving up to buy a million sarees of the same design rather than hire a stylist.

nikki said...

even i try not to repeat the same style of clothes...i only buy i shirt not 10 in every colour..n im not a celebrity...

but i'l choose the purple one anyday over this mangoey-orangish-pinky one

Anonymous said...

Same saree, dyed to the darker colour next time around. Smart girl, full paise vasool from the same saree.