Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's Worse?!

Meghna's tribal print or Maria's patchwork?

Meghna Naidu

Maria Goretti



Pri said...

maria's attack of the embroidered napkins wins this one hands down, especially since every other item of clothing she has on is a disaster in itself. god i cant stop staring. was this taken in goa maybe? after a long rave where she had been snorting random substances and then played dress up? it's really sad when your husband who is probably wearing an outfit from one of his films [maybe from when he played a mechanic or something] is better dressed than you, especially if you're married to arshad warsi.

Saree Dreams said...

I agree, Maria's patchwork looks so darn unbalanced.
I actually like Megha's skirt print, especially since she is wearing it on the Kite flying day (oh how much I miss kite flying). The top goes well with the print and overall the combo works!

Anonymous said...

both look bad...but patchwork sucks more

Anonymous said...

maria's look is terrible, more so becuase of the terribly clashing colours!

Anonymous said...

i like meghna's skirt...it suits the kite day stuff she's doing! thank god she chose to pair it with a plain top but...imagine the horror with an equally patterned top!

and i dont understand maria's skirt...like the top and bottom just dont match! and what is she wearing on her feet??