Monday, January 14, 2008

What's Wrong?

I stared and stared at the left picture to try and figure out why the "Anarkali" silhoutte just does not seem to look good on Lara. The white outfit did not have the big sleeves that killed the look for at the Saawariya premiere. So what is it!

To me, it is the neckline! All the anarkalis that we have seen on the ladies of Bollywood have not had the round neckline and THAT seems to be a big factor.
What do you think??

(P.S. Not a big fan of mixing the LV with the white ensemble either!)

Lara @ Chess Carnival

Lara @ Saawariya premiere

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Anonymous said...

you are right, tis the neckline, coz from the waist down it looks great..

Pri said...

did you guys see her at the gitanjali jewelery promotion thingy? she looked pretty spectacular.

Anonymous said...

i think that the width of the kurta cud've been a little less... and the upper part is plain... so that kinda doesnt bring out the beauty of the outfit...and yeah...the LV doesnt work either