Monday, February 4, 2008


Is that an 'Anarkali'? A jazzed up nightgown?

Thats just Katrina Kaif at the Race Music Launch, sheathed in yards of fabric!

Fugly or Fabulous?



Indian Rose Fashionista said...

I think she looks fabulous.

Its as though she tends to wear the anarkali suits at a different length, with different embroidery compared to others....which i think is good as it makes it own style/trend instead of wearing it exactly the same like Bipasha, Madhuri etc

Anonymous said...

I think she looks extremely UGLY. What was she thinking??

I am all for making your personal mark on an ongoing trend but this just looks ridiculous.

sam said...

is ther an end to this anarkali...LOL..

this ones a fugly for sure!!!!

love and squalor said...

very tacky!

and may i add, I hate the word verification feature on blogger comments.

Priyanka said...

Putting your own spin on a trend is long as it works!

@ Love and Squalor
I know word verification is a pain..but you'd be surprised how many spammers it keeps out! Hence, a necessary evil!! :)

the mad momma said...

awful... experiment with lengths by all means, yes... but there is meant to be atleast some churidar showing under it!

agree with the verification thing. drives me nuts :) how abt moderation? no? will it drive you nuts?!

Anonymous said...

FUGLY outfit, LOVELY girl. no doubt even she cannot carry off this outfit.