Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Hop, A Skip, A Jump

Spotted Shreya Saran at various events sporting the same 'school-girl-cute-dress' look again and again..Her look almost makes me want to play hopscotch. Almost. If I wasn't so mind-numbingly bored...
The fit remains the same, yawn..the length remains the same, the styling remains the same, the hair stays same, and...yawn..yeah, what was I saying..?

Above: At Stardust Awards

Left: At The Premiere Of Asterix
Right: At 'One More Thought Entertainment' Launch



bubblegum said...

it takes time for ppl to come out of their comfort zone!

yusra said...

is the second one a sabyasachi????

luks like his is it

girls guide me with this one!

Anonymous said...

and the bag stays the same...almost! hehe