Tuesday, February 5, 2008

From Drab To Fab!

Well there were rumours that Neha did not want any part in promoting her movie "Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama". That would explain her look at that movie's premiere! That metal studded blue belt! It is not hard to see that there was no effort put into that outfit.

Now, compare that outfit with the one she wore at the pre-release event of her other movie "Mithya". Everything was coordinated to the "T" and she looked pretty good! What a difference a movie makes?

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Anonymous said...

Im not feeling the outfit on the right either...something about the black tank with the white and gold skirt just throws the entire outfit off balance. Neha, get a stylist!!!

Payal said...

kohl girl,
it might be those blingy gold shoes! LOL! Its funny how for a movie she don't like, there is barely any effort to dress well, and for the other, everything is so coordinated!