Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Exciting Giveaway!!

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

We at High Heel Confidential have an absolutely fabulous giveaway for all you fabulous readers of ours..

All you have to do is answer these five questions and shoot us an email...
And we'll randomly pick the winner from the right answers.
Remember all answers have to be right and the contest ends on 28th Dec, midnight, central time. Contest only open to U.S residents. (Sorry!)

And now, the questions:

1. Name that Indian label of jewellery that we have spotted Halle Berry in.
2. Beyonce wore which Indian designer at her concert in India?
3. Name the costume designer of Sawaariya.
4. Name the first celebrity whose styling we dissed on this blog.
5. Which label of clothing has Malaika Arora Khan been most spotted in, on this blog?

Come on, the questions are easy, don't wait, just mail us your answers at highheel[dot]confidential[at]gmail[dot]com
Only one entry per person please!

And now, for what you win.. this uber glam clutch from Bea Accessories that is sure to liven up any party-going outfit of yours!

Go on now, get cracking!

(please note, the giveaway is not in any form sponsored by Bea Accessories and is our own personal giveaway)


Pri said...

yay we love contests!

Anonymous said...

i knew a few answers but i m not a US resident :((

yusra said...

this is sooo sad...i kno all the answers but i live in canada

MISSquoted** said...

What if I am coming to the states sometime next year? Does that make me eligible?

Anonymous said...

1. Amrapali?
2. Rocky S.
3. Anuradha Vakil.
4. Kim Sharma?
5. Surily and Goel?

Maneet said...

Hey Priyanka, Payal - Amazing style blog u got out there.. Keep it up dudettes..:-)

I started going thru ur blog today, and gosh, cudnt stop myself, till I am all done!!!

OK..So, I am based in New Delhi, but still here are my answers..

1. Amrapali
2. Rocky S
3. Anuradha Vakil
4. Sarah Jesiica Parker (Hollywood) and then Rani Mukherji (Bollywood)
5. Bebe


Ragini said...
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