Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Vision In White: Face Off

Celina @ "Visit Egypt" Campaign

Bipasha @ "Race" Premiere

While, Bipasha's hair extensions sometimes do go overboard, I do love it when people leave their hair down, which is why this round for me belongs to Bips. I didn't dig Celina's hairdo. Her head looked too big specially with that weird bun clipon which was so unnecessary(see below)!

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yalda said...

OOH God I want that dress Celina is wearing.. I want it, I want it..

nikita said...

Yes..Celina's dress is very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Celina needs to go back to drawing board on this one. Too beauty Pagenty! I half expect her to start telling me that she is all for world peace!

Bipasha wins this round. She is wearing the dress not the other way around.


Priyanka D said...

Why is Celina's dress dragging on the floor? Something that I think Bips did once and you guys posted it. But Bipasha sure looks great here. Like Kiran said, she is wearing the dress and working it pretty damn good.