Monday, March 24, 2008

Lady Of Leger?

Seen Queenie Dhody in a lot of Herve Leger, am just surprised that it hasn't caught up with the younger set in Bollywood yet! Quite the favorite among a-listers everywhere, Herve Leger's Bandage dress is instantly recognizable because of its silhouette and form.

Not all versions of the 'Bandage dress' are an instant hit with us, but the ones like Queenie Dhody has on below, get a definite thumbs-up!

Buy The Bandage Dress Via Net-A-Porter

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Anonymous said...

I have known Queenie for a long time, and she has always had impeccable taste in clothing. Not suprising that she will wear something that no one else has. She looks great for her age, and the fact that she has two grown up kids- just amazing. About Bollywood following her, that would be more like it as she is a trend setter.