Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bag Spotting!!

Yay or Nay to the Gucci Mirror Evening Bag??

At Club Bling Launch

At Pal Zileri Launch

Borrow The Gucci Mirror Evening Bag Via BagBorrowOrSteal.

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Anonymous said...

Big Nay

Anonymous said...

why wud any1 want to borrow it?whhy soesn't it say purchase ?

Nepali said...

I like it. It's sleek, sexy and futuristic, but I wouldn't invest on it unless if I were a multimillionaire.
anon #2, you can purchase it in some Gucci stores or departmental stores if the stock is still available. There are some stores in US, HK and maybe some other countries that you can borrow designer bags, dresses, etc, and heard it's not that cheap, but obviously cheaper than buying. I am assuming people borrow for big parties/functions or to keep up with fashion.